Our tailored actionable insights offering

We deliver actionable insights in visually appealing reports and a platform. The reports are presented by our seasoned analysts and focus on how brands can improve based on the results at hand.

Read below about our different insight offerings, and please get in touch if you want more info about how we can help.


1. Brand Insights
Brand insights help brands understand their consumers’ digital behavior and the performance of their marketing activities in earned, owned and paid media in order to set goals, make data-driven decisions and optimize performance based on digital insights.
2. Campaign Insights
Campaign insights help brands understand the result and their consumers’ reactions and behavior in relation to a specific campaign, event or marketing initiative in order to optimize the result and inform decisions around messaging, content and activities based on digital insights.
3. Audience Insights
Audience insights help brands understand their potential and existing consumers’ mindset and behavior in online in order to optimize the sales and inform decisions about messaging, content and activities.
1. Red Flag Report
The Red Flag Report is an efficient, topic based Due Diligence report uncovering irregularities & “red flags” which often result in a disconnect between the company and its board. The aim of the report is to identify potential reasons for not buying a company of interest, as well as to provide insights on potential long-term and short-term threats to operations.
2. Portfolio Company Insights
For company owners such as P/E firms, the Portfolio Company Reports can create value by providing critical learnings in diverse areas such as digital ROI, consumer acquisition, price points, perceived USP’s, and threats. The assessments aim at increasing the value of the company and providing a data-driven foundation for informed decision-making.
3. Due Diligence Insights
The Due Diligence helps make the right bid on the buy side of M&A transactions, providing data-driven insights to underpin decision-making. The Due Diligence Reports includes analysis of conversations, performance, and the perception of the company; including: the brand, management, key stakeholders, consumers, product and online competitors.
1. Topic and Product Insights
Topic and product insights help brands understand their potential and existing consumers’ mindset and behavior in regards to a specific topic or product in order to inform decisions.

2. Industry and Competitive Insights
Competitive insights help brands understand their activities and consumer feedback in earned and owned media online in order to optimize competitive advantages.
3. Revenue Insights
Revenue insights help brands optimize sales and inform decisions about investments and activities.

Top brands call Whispr Group their insights partner.

We work with more than 100 global companies across a wealth of different verticals including lifestyle, finance, travel, automotive,fashion, media, and tech development. For each client, we get to know their business intimately and craft solutions based on consumer data.

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