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Audience Insights

Insights to ensure brands understand who is at the receiving end of campaign activity, knows and follows their brand.

audience analysis

They are listening, but do you know who they are?

Who is at the receiving end of your campaign activity? Just who exactly knows and follows your brand?

Through analysis of your channels and consumer conversations about your products we find out who your target markets actually are. These insights can help you optimize your message, improve product development, find untapped markets and much more.

The report is delivered with data-driven recommendations and insights, as well as a deep-dive into your market segment’s audience.

The report answers questions like


Insights We'll Go Through

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Demographic Analysis

Analysis of online conversations allows you to discover segments and preferences, ensuring your offering resonates with your customers throughout their journey.

Investment data analysis

Persona Discovery

Avoid potential consumers falling through the cracks by analysing their behaviour, barriers of entry and brand affiliation.


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