Review analysis

Brand Insights

We provide marketers with crucial knowledge about customer attitudes and behaviours in relation to selected brands.

Review analysis

Do you know what people actually think of your brand?

Whispr Group’s Brand Insights provides crucial knowledge about customer attitudes and behaviours in relation to selected brands, evaluates ROI of online activities like Facebook ads or SEM, helps you design and follow up on digital KPIs and scorecards, and supplies data-driven recommendations on how to optimize brand performance based on digital insights.

We help brands understand their consumers’ digital behaviour and the performance of their marketing activities in earned, owned and paid media in order to set meaningful goals and make data-driven decisions.

The report answers questions like


Insights We'll Go Through

Marketing data

Brand Health

Gain a data driven, holistic and unbiased perspective on your brand’s health and performance. Spot consumer complaints early and unlock the power of consumer-centric communication and product development.

Marketing Insights

Brand Advocacy

Understand your brand awareness, perception and reputation based on data from multiple sources. Leverage your competitive landscape by benchmarking against and learning from peers and industry leaders to gain insight into how your brand is performing and evolving, relative to the competition and industry at large.


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Analysts who know your brand and understand your business.

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Access to Custom Dashboards, ongoing reporting & permanent set-up in tool suite.

On-demand insights

Support your decisions with on-demand insights & data advisory. Whispr Group is an unbiased extension of your team.

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