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Campaign Insights

We help brands understand the impact of specific campaigns, initiatives, and messages, and their implications.

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Do you know what works for your campaigns?

Gain insights that show the impact, performance & results of your campaigns. By combining a tailored selection of performance metrics & insights we provide an unbiased view of your campaign results.

Qualitative analysis of online conversations and your own content enable you to understand the impact and results of initiatives in order to maximise future campaigns, marketing and activities.

Pre-campaign analysis provides key data-based insights to help you optimise according your target group’s desires before your campaign goes live and avoid playing catch-up afterwards.

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Pre-campaign insights

Optimise before launch by gaining data-driven insights on what engages your target group, the key topics that are proven to provoke their attention, and learning from the successes and failures of competitor campaigns.

Campaign Learnings & Results

Learn the actual results of your campaign through an unbiased qualitative analysis of online conversations and owned content to understand its impact, and help maximise future campaigns, marketings and activities.


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Access to Custom Dashboards, ongoing reporting & permanent set-up in tool suite.

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Support your decisions with on-demand insights & data advisory. Whispr Group is an unbiased extension of your team.

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