Communications Analysis

Annual Communications Analysis

Start the new year on the front foot with an extensive summary of the past year’s editorial coverage of your brand, earned social media publicity and the performance of your owned channels. Ensure you don’t miss success stories and identify key learnings to act upon going forward.

Clubhouse, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook data

This years' results & learnings

By merging qualitative analysis of earned social media posts, editorial publicity and own social media channels, Whispr Group helps brands understand the impact of their communications, key message penetration and spokesperson performance throughout the year:

  • How has publicity developed over the year & did key messaging break through?
  • How has the sentiment of editorial coverage and earned social changed and what drove this?
  • Which topics drove coverage and conversations about your brand?

The report will give you


Insights We'll Go Through

Investment insights

A comprehensive overview

Which subjects led to most editorial coverage of your brand? What topics drove positive media coverage, and what was behind negative editorial content over the year? What can you learn from your communications initiatives from the past 12 months, and how can they be improved moving forward?

  • All this and more will be answered in our comprehensive Annual Communications Analysis.
  • Clear and informative summary of your year’s insights and recommendations tailored for a longer marketing perspective
  • Do’s and don’ts for next year
Communication Data

Understand developments on social channels

Not only do we look into your brand’s editorial performance, we also break down how your communications content performed on social media. Insights include:

  • How has engagement developed on your owned channels and which subjects drove the change?
  • How does your social reach compare to previous years and which post types had the best CTR?
  • What ROI did paid social deliver on a channel by channel basis?

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