M&A Insights and Operational Excellence

M&A insights typically provide data-driven insights to support your decision making before, during or after a potential transaction. Our clients tend to be Private Equity (PE) firms in US and Europe, in combination with larger management consultancy firms across continents. We add value by providing tailored insights within Due Diligence Insights, Portfolio Company Insights and Red Flag Reports.

In our Due Diligence Insights, we effectively answer your concerns and questions related to the current status of the company in question and its competitors and mark. In our Due Diligence Insights, we provide insights to questions connected to risk and opportunities in the form of performance, reputation, perception, prices and strategy and much more.

M&A insights focus on Private Equity Portfolio Company Insights, where we add value to your organisation by identifying areas of improvement and growth possibilities – with the aim to increase the value of the business or portfolio company. Our insights can provide answers to questions within digital growth plans, consumer acquisitions cost or identifying market threats.

Lastly, we assist PE- and Management consultancy firms with Red Flag Reports, where irregularities or “red flags” are investigated which could harm your endeavour on a short or long-term.

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M&A Insights and Operational Excellence



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These reports will answers questions like:

  • Due Diligence Insights –  What are the low hanging fruits of opportunity? (E.g. 100-days program to increase company value)


  • Portfolio Company Insights – How best to measure and pinpoint KPI’s to evaluate growth and possibilities?


  • Red Flag Report – Do we have potential risks and threats across stakeholders, company brand, product, people and other major assets?

Everything we do is tailor-made for you needs, so do not hesitate to contact us for custom solutions. Anything we haven’t done today, we will do tomorrow.


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