Red flag report

We increase your knowledge and understanding through a Due Diligence reports that helps you uncover insights before its too late.

Are there things you should know
about the company?

Optimize your insights

The Red Flag Report is an efficient, topic based Due Diligence report that uncovers irregularities & “red flags”. The aim of the report is to identify potential reasons for not acquiring a company of interest. It also provides insights on potential long-term and short-term threats to operations.

The report investigates legally available public conversations and covers stakeholders when applicable. Our reports have helped companies make critical decisions with precision.

The report answers
questions like:

  • Are there any red flags surrounding the company?
  • What long-term and short-term threats are noticeable?
  • What does current market trends look like?
  • Do competitors have any red flags?

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“Whispr Group manage our social media reports across EMEA with actionable insights. In our long term commitment I especially appreciate their analytical skills, responsiveness and persistence”

Johannes Karlsson - Social Media Manager - Electrolux Business Area Europe - Electrolux

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