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For over a decade Whispr Group has harnessed big data to give the world’s biggest brands a better understanding of their customers. Our bespoke insights software combines cutting edge AI and machine learning to help our expert analysts deliver best in class actionable insights that empower decision-making.

Our history

Whispr Group was founded in 2008 when Joakim Leijon packed his bags for New York with the goal of creating something unique in a digital market dominated by content creators, website builders and marketers. Fuelled by a growing frustration over how many companies failed to truly listen to their consumers and reap the benefits that would entail, Whispr Group’s solution was to connect those consumer voices with businesses by analysing big data and offering an unbiased perspective.

That solution proved incredibly valuable. Fast forward to the present and we have clients in more than 55 markets, offices in three countries on two continents, and our very own AI-driven insights platform. And we’ve grown organically all the way, with no outside growth capital. With the pace of change in the digital sphere only accelerating, our passion for delivering vital insights that enable clients to grow and succeed is stronger than ever.

"The launch of our new insights software is a major milestone that puts us at the forefront in the insights sphere and unlocks a clear path to go from descriptive to truly predictive analysis. I’m incredibly excited to see how our expert analysts harness this power to deliver a new level of actionable insights for our clients in the future."

Joakim Leijon - CEO Whispr Group
- Joakim Leijon,

Founder & Chairman of Whispr Group

Whispr Group Team

Our team

Whispr Group’s team boasts over 10 years of experience utilizing both AI and Big Data software. Our seasoned analysts have developed some remarkable methods to find the right data, harvest mountains of it, determine your core audience’s needs, and learn what they say and value.

Whispr Group home office

Evolving from descriptive to predictive analysis and insights, the jewel in our crown is Whispr Group’s new very own bespoke insights platform which harnesses cutting edge AI and machine learning to provide a best in class tool for our experts. The end product is an even greater depth of insights to empower our clients’ decision making, with typical uses ranging from optimizing marketing and communications/PR efforts to informing mergers and acquisitions.

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