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Discover relevant, actionable and untapped insights on a target market, industry or audience through deep data analysis. We harness a myriad of research methodologies to support and develop strategic and tactical decision-making in any situation.

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What's included:

Trend Tracking

Whispr Group Trend Tracking identifies and predicts developments in online trends so your team can stay on top. Tracking of online trends details the latest consumer interest swings and behaviours to make sure you’re at the forefront.

Trend tracking can be used in the short term for keeping content creation up-to-date to ensure your brand stays relevant, and in the long-term for decision making connected to product and communication strategies.

Topic Insights

A topic analysis allows you to tap into online conversations and gain a deeper understanding of the drivers and subtopics that consumers focus on.

The analysis unlocks the unprecedented possibility to analyse how interests have developed over time, and identify audience interests & preferences.

Industry and Product Insights

Industry analysis ensures you understand how your product is perceived with regards to its quality, price and functionality compared to competitors, as well as consumer preferences.

Learn about industry best practice and success factors in order to improve your performance vs competitors and gain an edge on rival brands.

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Competitor Insights

Competitor Insights are created by analysing your competition’s digital marketing activities to create competitive learnings and insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Competitor evaluation and analysis ensure you stay up to date in your industry.

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The process

How do I get started?

Tell us about your challenges and objectives. We’ll introduce our team and together decide upon which data streams to be implemented to meet your needs.

We’ll set you up in your dashboard for continuous access to key metrics. Over the course of a 1-3 month initial fine-tuning period we’ll nail down the key deliverables for the collaboration to ensure the setup and contents best meet your criteria.

Once we’ve ensured your initial needs are met we’ll present learnings and a roadmap for on-going insights to best fulfil your future requirements.

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Analysts who know your brand & understand your business

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On-demand insights

Support your decisions with on-demand insights & data advisory. Whispr Group is an unbiased extension of your team.

Cost-efficient pricing

You only pay for the insights you need.

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