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We deliver digital insights to inform investment decisions at each step of the process.

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What's included:

Due Diligence Insights

A deep-dive on the digital footprint of a company that helps inform acquisition decisions on the buy side of M&A transactions.

Uncover insights about customer perception, social media performance and digital position – always including industry and historical benchmarks.

Red Flag Report

An efficient, topic based Due Diligence report that uncovers irregularities & “red flags”. Identify potential reasons for not acquiring a company of interest and gain insights on potential long-term and short-term threats to operations.

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Portfolio Company Insights

On-going analysis and insights to improve and optimise a brand.

Increase the value of a portfolio company through consumer feedback and online performance analysis.

Early Stage Quickstrike Evaluation

A quick strike high-level digital insights snapshot of a potential investment target that helps you quickly understand its reputation and associated consumer attitudes.

The process

How do I get started?

Tell us about your challenges and objectives. We’ll introduce our team and together decide upon which data streams to be implemented to meet your needs.

We’ll set you up in your dashboard for continuous access to key metrics. Over the course of a 1-3 month initial fine-tuning period we’ll nail down the key deliverables for the collaboration to ensure the setup and contents best meet your criteria.

Once we’ve ensured your initial needs are met we’ll present learnings and a roadmap for on-going insights to best fulfil your future requirements.

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Consistent Team

Analysts who know your brand & understand your business

Continous Monitoring

Access to Custom Dashboards, ongoing reporting & permanent set-up in tool suite

On-demand insights

Support your decisions with on-demand insights & data advisory. Whispr Group is an unbiased extension of your team.

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You only pay for the insights you need.

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