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Whispr Group takes a 360-degree approach to brand & marketing analysis, combining data from multiple sources using AI, statistical measurements and human expertise to provide our clients with truly actionable insights.

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Brand Health & Advocacy

Gain a data driven, holistic and unbiased perspective on your brand’s health and performance. Understand your brand awareness, perception and reputation based on data from multiple sources. Leverage your competitive landscape by benchmarking against and learning from peers and industry leaders to gain insight into how your brand is performing and evolving, relative to the competition and industry at large.

Brand Insights

Content & Marketing Measurement

Chart the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by using both quantitative and qualitative measures to understand your actual ROI and how to optimize it. By truly understanding how well your content resonates with your target audience and how your campaigns affect your brand perception you will be able to make better-informed decisions.

Audience Insights

The process

How do I get started?

Tell us about your challenges and objectives. We’ll introduce our team and together decide upon which data streams to be implemented to meet your needs.

We’ll propose an initial scope to cover your needs and assure that we provide the insights and metrics you need in a unified view.

Over the course of a fine-tuning period we’ll nail down the key deliverables for the collaboration to ensure the setup and contents best meet your criteria.

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Consistent Team

Analysts who know your brand & understand your business.

Continous Monitoring

Access to custom dashboards, ongoing reporting & permanent set-up in tool suite.

On-demand Insights

Support your decisions with on-demand insights & data advisory. Whispr Group is an unbiased extension of your team.

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You only pay for the insights you need.

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