Merger on the digital market: Whispr Group and Mediapilot become the leading intelligence and strategy partner for online data.

The data driven digital agency Whispr Group has merged with the Scandinavian analysis company Mediapilot. The new company, which will keep the name Whispr Group, has a client list of hundreds of well-known brands and is a digital intelligence and strategy partner with offices in New York, Stockholm and Oslo.

The merger meets a growing need in the market. According to Forbes Insights (2015), 7 out of 10 executives in Europe and the US say they will increase investments in analysis and data-driven digital markets in the coming years. Also, Adobe Systems (2014) showed that the conversion rate of data-driven marketers is ten times higher than of their traditional counterparts.

“Successful companies have an increasing need of a partner for collection, analysis and support in acting on the massive amount of data available online. A new data analysis and digital strategy industry is emerging and with this merger we plan to play a key part in that industry,” says Joakim Leijon, founder of Whispr Group New York and CEO of the new company.

Whispr Group now has more than 100 clients including several Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Disney and Mercedes-Benz, as well as NGOs and state agencies. Clients on this list span a wide range of industries including lifestyle, fashion, travel, financial services, automobiles, construction, telecom and tech.

“We’re particularly proud of the fact that our clients often choose to work long-term with us. Most clients opt for 24-month contracts and we’re increasingly being recommended to other companies. This is the foundation of our strategy for growth – to increase the number of clients by focusing on client satisfaction and recommendations,” says Fredrik Båge, head of client relations.

The new Whispr Group consists of over 50 specialized analysts, strategists and digital communication experts in New York, Stockholm and Oslo. Ten experts have been recruited this year with a plan to recruit more to meet the growing demand of international clients.

“We want to take the guesswork out of decision making and be a partner for brands as well as agencies to measure, analyze and improve their existing marketing and communications activities. We have the opportunity to take an exciting position as we have a strong client base while not competing directly with other agencies. Instead we complement these agencies and show the value of their work,” says Joakim Leijon.

The new Whispr Group is headed and co-owned by Joakim Leijon, founder of Whispr Group in New York and Stockholm, and Fredrik Båge and Martin Wettergren, founders of Mediapilot in Stockholm and Oslo.

For more information and exclusive interviews on strategy and data driven marketing as a trend, the new market for digital analysis services and three exciting entrepreneurs please contact Cronja Hultin, Head of Marketing, Whispr Group.