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We assist Marketing Managers, PR Executives, Press Chiefs and Digital Specialists to turn their marketing or communication challenges into actionable insights through data gathering, analysis and expertise. To generate an accurate and truthful view we combine data across multiple channels with the best-in-class tools in search for the optimal recommendation to move your business forward. With an unbiased approach, and nothing but your success in mind, we turn to data, understanding and analysis to provide you with the insights needed for your future growth.

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Marketing & Communication

Brand insights

Got a global brand? We’ve got you covered. We provide our clients with crucial knowledge about customer attitudes and behaviors in relation to selected brands.

Audience insights

Get to know your audience, inside and out! Who is really at the receiving end of your campaign activity, who knows and follows your brand?

Campaign insights

Crush your campaigns. We help brands understand the impact of specific campaigns, initiatives, and messages, and its implications.

Volkswagen relies on our insights, to understand their customers


Our insights & recommendations can answer questions such as:

  • Brand Insights – How well do we communicate our message to our target audience across markets? Do we manage to stay on point?


  • Campaign Insights – How did our campaign perform beyond the likes of reach, clicks and likes – did we reach our true goal?


  • Audience Insights – What subjects are discussed in relation to our brand? Is there something new we should know?

Everything we do is tailor-made for your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us for custom solutions. Anything we haven’t done today, we will do tomorrow. Fully understand the results and data created through your Communication and Marketing efforts with an unbiased data driven insight partner.


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Catch up on our latest insights, events and thoughts about data-driven organizations.

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Take a deep-dive into our guides about actionable insights for a more data-driven approach.

“Whispr Group manage our social media reports across EMEA with actionable insights. In our long term commitment I especially appreciate their analytical skills, responsiveness and persistence”

Johannes Karlsson - Social Media Manager - Electrolux Business Area Europe - Electrolux

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