Campaign insights

We help brands understand the impact of specific campaigns,
initiatives, and messages, and its implications.

Do you know what works
for your campaigns?

Optimize your campaigns

What is the online effect of our campaign? Through qualitative analysis of online conversations, combined with tailored selection of success metrics, we help brands understand the impact of specific campaigns, initiatives, and messages, and its implications with regards to budget allocation, content, and activities. Campaign insights help brands understand the result and their consumers’ reactions and behavior in relation to a specific campaign, event or marketing initiative in order to optimize the result and inform decisions around messaging, content and activities based on digital insights.

The report answers
questions like:

  • How was our campaign received?
  • What was the result of our campaign?
  • How did our message resonate in different audiences?
  • What can we learn for future campaigns?

Everything we do is tailor-made for you needs, so do not hesitate to contact
us for custom solutions. Anything we haven’t done today, we will do tomorrow.


“Our collaboration with Whispr Group provides us a powerful tool to track our results and actionable insights for continuous development”

Peter Holmberg – Global PR Manager – Marshall Headphones

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Our visually appealing reports are designed to help your company advance in your understanding of the market. The clarity we provide gives you the foundation to communicate internally about your decision. The reports are presented by our experienced analysts and they bring focus to decisions and actions that allow brands to improve based on the results at hand.

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Campaign insights

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