Insights that optimize products, sales and competitor understanding

Gain valuable insights into consumers preferences which can give your brand a competitive edge while developing your next product or perfecting your next market launch. Perhaps you wish to deepen your understanding of your competitive landscape and your competitors’ strategies? Maybe you are looking to strengthen your offer by finding the hidden gems in a specific topic in connection to your product or brand? Whatever it may be insights can be found (almost) anywhere! With our unique setup of best-in-class tools together with our experienced data scientists, business and marketing analytics experts we set out to find the insights which takes you further.

How are your products or services perceived compared to the competition?

Product, Sales and Competitor insights


What do people think of your product? What is being said within your topic?


Who is winning, and who is catching up? What gives you an edge?

Volkswagen relies on our insights, to understand their customers


Our insights and recommendations can answer questions like:

  • Product Insights – What could be the next “big thing” in our product segment based on consumer insights that we lack today?


  • Topic Insight – What conversation themes drive perception of a specific topic online?


  • Competitor Insights – How does the conversation differentiate within the 5 different markets for our competitors?

Everything we do is tailor-made for your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us for custom solutions. Anything we haven’t done today, we will do tomorrow. Get ahead of the competition and increase your understanding of important features and topics related to your product and markets with an unbiased data driven insight partner.


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