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Digital Marketing Insights: Five tools to improve your marketing analysis

Marketing Analysis: These tools will give you more insights
Lee Roden
  • By Lee Roden

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or part of a new team asked to harness data in your campaigns, it never hurts to learn some new tricks to help you work smarter and more efficiently. With that in mind, Whispr Group has picked out some of our favourite fundamental insights tools that’ll help ensure effective analysis and make your life as a marketer easier in 2022.

Google Analytics

Let’s start with the undisputed must-have: if you haven’t used Google Analytics in your marketing analysis at this point you’re either completely new to working with data or you’ve been doing it badly!

Still, even seasoned professionals who have a number of different tools at their disposal may occasionally neglect the full power of this fundamental tool.  Are you making use of the segment function for example, which can help you hone in on sub-audiences for targeted marketing campaigns, outlining their specific behaviours and interests? For companies selling directly via their website meanwhile, the Goal Funnel function is a useful way to gain key data about the buying experience and where obstacles may be appearing that deter visitors from purchasing, flagging up the need for clearer copy.

This list of eight basic Google Analytics hacks is worth reading to refresh your memory.

Google Analytics is a fundamental tool for any marketing team


Another staple for uncovering insights on your visitors to campaign pages or any other sections, Hotjar enables you to gain a greater depth of understanding of how users behave and move on your website . The heatmap-based output provides easily understandable details on where users click, what they spend the most time reading or alternatively scroll past, and how they navigate through your pages.

The results should help you cull dead weight from your site, improve the UX, uncover pain points and optimize conversion.


Semrush delivers a number of valuable features in one package including a site audit function that will flag up any potential SEO damagers such as missing metadata, position tracking that provides a useful comparison of your performance vs competitors, a social media tracker that breaks down how your social is performing vs competitors (including details of how they post), and a social listening-focused brand mentions tracker that reveals details of what people are saying about your brand online.

The catch is that it’s expensive to unlock all the capabilities and also requires skill and knowledge to use. An external insights partner with access to the full range of tools as well as experience efficiently harnessing them can save you time, money and resources to make the most of its potential.


BuzzSumo is a handy optimisation tool that can help you make effective adjustments to content to enhance performance based on previous success, as well as reveal the topics, headlines and formats that are currently working in your area of interest, and the social platforms they may be most likely to do best on.

The same can be applied to your rival brands for competitive learning, including content formats or choices to replicate, or alternatively highlighting what hasn’t performed for them. Equally useful is its influencer identification capability, which flags up potential influencers to harness according to your topic of concern.


On the more technical side of things is Parsehub, a tool which can be used to create custom data gathering workflows to collate open consumer web data from millions of websites.

The real trick here is knowing what to do with the results however: Whispr Group’s insights expert can help you to take open consumer data and harness it to produce game-changing insights for marketing wins, revealing white space opportunities, competitor insights and much more.

Key takeaways

  • The right marketing analysis tools in the right hands will help you to move away from trying to validate a predetermined point of view and move towards effectively informing marketing decisions with data-based insights. It’s possible to be smarter and more efficient in everything from how the nuts and bolts of your website is structured to content creation, search engine optimisation, social strategy, influencer marketing, and positioning v competitors to name but a few areas.
  • The catch? We’ve only scratched the surface of the range of methods available, and a combination of tools is by far the best way to produce the most powerful insights. Unlocking the true potential requires a level of knowledge and skill that the majority of marketing teams lack.
  • Combining tools and the subscriptions needed can also be prohibitively expensive for all but the largest marketing teams. That’s where Whispr Group can step in, allowing you to leverage our toolbox and AI-powered Insights Platform, and combine it with our unbiased, best in class expertise to let you make more insightful decisions today.

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