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How have holiday shopping conversations evolved over the last two years? A closer look at Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Your Friends @ Whispr Group
  • By Your Friends @ Whispr Group

With the final round of holiday shopping knocking on our door, here are seven key findings from Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Whispr Group extracted Twitter data* from 2018 and 2019 in order to derive key learnings from the shopping holidays, including which brands and retailers are winning, and what distinguishes successful campaigns.

  1. Black Friday conversations were 6.8 times larger than Cyber Monday conversation volume in 2019, up from a 5.5X differential in 2018. Will Black Friday continue to outgrow Cyber Monday in 2020?
  2. The data indicate that Black Friday conversation volume is outpacing Cyber Monday. Black Friday conversations increased +21% YoY, while Cyber Monday conversations decreased -11% YoY. Black Friday saw a +26% increase in conversational volume during the week leading up to the event, whereas Cyber Monday saw its greatest loss occur outside the peak shopping holiday week & day. Thus, we can see that Black Friday has diluted its conversational volume over the year while the conversations connected to Cyber Monday seemingly were concentrated on the day itself (only -1% YoY).
  3. Target was the only retailer that managed to increase its presence in conversational volume during both Black Friday (+62% YoY) and Cyber Monday. (+37% YoY).
  4. The Entertainment category grew the most in 2019 compared to 2018, likely a result of the release of Disney+ and Apple TV+.
  5. TVs surpassed smartphones as the most popular product category in 2019.
  6. Samsung is losing the Black Friday conversation battle against NIKE and Apple.
  7. Nikon is the only top brand demonstrating year-over-year growth in Cyber Monday conversation volume.

Below is an infographic highlighting our full findings.

Whispr Group - Infographic Black Friday VS Cyber Monday 2018 vs 2019-1

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